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Last week, I concluded the series on the whole counsel of God, which was about the 7 kinds of diet God feeds His children with.

From today, I want to start another series on Apostolic patterns of spiritual growth. And today I want us to look at 7 major systems in a believer. For the full audio,


The Bible compares the new believer to a new born baby (1 Peter 2:1-2). We are enjoined to grow just as children grow up physically (Eph 4:14). Just as there are systems in our physical bodies that ensure that our bodies work well and grow, there are also spiritual systems in every believer which must be enhanced.

Systems in the human body refer to a set of connected organs which work together. For example, we have digestive system which is the system in the body that is responsible for the ingesting, assimilation, and breaking of the raw food into vital nutrients needed by the body.

The digestive system is made up of several organs like; esophagus, stomach, intestines etc. There are about 12 systems in the human body including the respiratory systems, the nervous system, the reproductive system and others.

By the grace of God and after extensive research I have discovered that there are 7 major spiritual systems in the life of every believer.

FOUNDATIONAL SYSTEM: This talks about the foundation of a believer. It includes the believer’s personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, his belief structure, his value system his worldview etc. These form the foundation of every believer. When a person becomes born again, there is a specific body of knowledge that must be dispensed to lay a solid foundation in the life of that person. Everything about your life is determined by foundations. The height you can attain spiritually is determined by the depth of your foundation.

CHARACTER SYSTEM: This encompasses the believer’s growth in the image of Christ. Christ likeness is the goal of all instructions in the Lord.

INFORMATIVE SYSTEMS: This talks about the believer’s connection to the spiritual world around him. There are inbuilt gadgets that must be enhanced by right feeding and conducive environment to help the believer to engage the spirit realm.

DELIVERANCE SYSTEM: These are spiritual mechanism by which the believer can get rid of spiritual toxic that finds its way into his system. Things like confession of sins, resolving spiritual conflicts all form part of the mechanisms that work in the believer’s deliverance system.
CONNECTING SYSTEM: This talks about the believer’s spiritual ecosystem of relationships. It includes areas like the believer’s relationship to His heavenly father (The Head) and the Church (the Body). It covers areas like mentorship, discipleship, growing in your place of planting etc.

MINISTRY SYSTEMS refer to the believer’s work with and for God. There are ministry systems already in every believer. He needs to be tutored from the scratch to find his place in the Body and become a fully functional part of the body.

DOMINION SYSTEMS: This is about how the believer can overcome the world. It talks of growing in spiritual authority. Things like the believer’s authority, how the believer can take territories for Christ and exercise influence through spiritual power, physical wealth, prominence etc.

CONCLUSION: A spiritual balanced diet will ensure uniform growth and enhancement of all of these systems in the believer. The sad picture one often sees is that of believers whose spiritual growth is retarded, stunted or lop sided. You can be growing in Christian character but deficient in exercising dominion. It is possible to walk in power but have no character. Some believers can easily connect with the spirit realm but they lack balance in their foundation. The result has been a kind of deficient Christian who can not make the desired impact.

A balanced spiritual diet and a conducive spiritual environment can cure this defect. I will continue next week.

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