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Luke 16:13
No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate
the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the
other. You cannot serve God and mammon(NKJV)

It is interesting that when Jesus was talking about two
masters He mentioned God and mammon. He didn’t even mention Satan. Mammon is a
demonic entity in the kingdom of darkness. He is one of the rulers of the
darkness of this age in charge of the storehouses of Satan. Mammon has two main
assignments. First of all, he controls riches and makes sure he directs its flow
to those who compromise and promote evil. The second assignment is to the
Church. He fights against the finances of believers so that the kingdom will be
starved of the needed finances. He also promotes selfishness and covetousness
among believers.

According to Jesus, there are only two personalities who
compete for the heart of man; God and mammon. This makes mammon God’s stiffest
and bitterest enemy. God will never endorse anything that has mammon’s finger
prints on it.
At any material moment, you are either motivated by the love
for God or the love for money. Never think God is in anything you are doing if
the motive is money and not God. God is a jealous God. He considers
covetousness as idolatry (Eph 5:5, Col 3:5).

A lot has been prophesied about the unprecedented release of
wealth to the Church and it’s true. If you think you have seen wealth, then
stay tuned for what is coming. But God will never do it till the grip of
mammon, His contender, is broken off the Church. Mammon’s reign in the Church
is clearly evident. Our aspirations are material things, our pursuits are
carnal, our cannons of assessment are worldly. Today, we organize revival
programs not to revive anybody but to revive the coffers of the Church and
sometimes the pockets of the leaders. Soon we will be getting to the end of the year,
you will be seeing so many revival programs and prayer and fasting programs.
Very few are designed to empower and help the spiritual lives of the members.
Most of these programs are fund raising programs in disguise. Why is it that
every prophetic direction is tied to money? And oh, if you are not somebody who
can milk money from the members they won’t invite you. In the church today, it
is a pity we measure people’s worth by their wealth. That is an insult. To
think your worth is measured by the millions or billions you have in your
account, whereas Jesus said that even your soul is more costly than the whole
world (Mt 16:26).

God doesn’t want money to be our main preoccupation. He
wants us to seek Him and His Kingdom and for money to follow us (Mt 6:33). The
early Church was all about preaching the gospel and winning souls and yet there
was no poor person among them (Acts 4:34).Why is it that with all our emphasis
on prosperity, seed sowing, wealth creation etc, there are still poor people in
the Church? True prosperity will come to the Church only when the Kingdom
becomes our focus. God wants our emphasis to change as a Church.

Somebody saw a vision in which he had gone to a mega church.
Everything in the Church was splendid and sophisticated. He was overwhelmed. He
then went to the pulpit and attempted to bow to the cross. Just then he heard
the voice of God saying ‘don’t bow’. All of a sudden this giant snake came out
from behind the pulpit and said ‘ I am Mammon. They worship me here’.

Man of God, the surest way to lose the anointing and grace
on your life is to let Mammon enter your heart.

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