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A letter from Joseph.

Dear Guys and Gals,
I want to share one or two things about my life that perhaps you don’t know. I lived many years ago. You can check my biography from Genesis chapters 37 to 50. My whole life was one of many events. I was the eleventh born among the twelve sons of Jacob my Father and was my father’s favourite. Well, so my brothers thought.

Very early in my life God showed me that the key to greatness is to stand when others are bowing in compromise. He taught me that through a dream in which me and my brothers were binding sheaves. All their sheaves were bowing while my was standing erect. My brothers didn’t understand that it was a key God was giving us and they became envious of me. I also had another dream in which the sun, moon and eleven stars were bowing to me.

My brothers out of envy sold me into slavery. Even as a slave the lesson God had taught me never left me, ‘the key to greatness is to stand tall when all others are compromising’. I was sold to a very influential man called Portiphar. He and his beautiful wife loved me. But it wasn’t long that I noticed that my madam had her eyes on me. She used to call me at very ungodly hours to do things for her especially when her husband was not around.. One day she openly told me she has feelings for me. To be quite frank, my madam was beautiful. You couldn’t be the wife of a man such as Portiphar without being very beautiful. But the lesson God had taught me through my dreams never left me. The reason why I could look beyond the half naked woman and say ‘how can I do this? was I saw in my mind the sun, the moon and the stars bowing to me.

I knew that sleeping with my madam would surely have come with some immediate benefits, but with the wisdom of hindsight I realize that while God had prepared a throne for me, Portiphar ‘s wife wanted to offer me a seat. That is What happens when we take the path of least resistance, the short cut or the compromised way. It will always lead us to a place lower than what God had intended to take us.

Satan’s offers always come in attractive packages but if you accept them, you will always end up selling yourself short. He promised Adam and Eve a blissful life if they ate the forbidden fruit. But their lives got much more worse and they eventually lost everything. I thank God I didn’t listen to Portiphars wife. Day in and day out she kept pestering me with promises of promotion, and many rewards. At a point she used threats to force me to do it. But I wouldn’t because I considered my future too important and great to be exchanged for some few minutes of pleasure. When she realized that I was not going to budge, she resorted to physical force. Well you know what happened, don’t you?. I fled, she lied and I was cast into prison. But guess what? God’s word is always true.

‘The key to greatness is to stand tall when all others are bowing in compromise’. Eventually truth prevailed and I was put on the throne. Portiphar’ s wife was now under me. She looked so powerful only some few years ago, now she was under my authority. What a lesson you can learn here. Never follow anybody to compromise on your values no matter who they are. Don’t allow sympathy, pity or a sense of obligation to make you compromise on your values.

If your vision of your future is great, it will help you to overcome temptations that come at you to take a compromised position. Knowing that if you stand tall while others are bowing in compromise, you will rule over them.

If you know where you are going, you will not allow anything to distract you. Jewish girls in the time of Mary kept themselves pure because each one of them wanted to be the virgin who would conceive the messiah. You’ve got to have a stronger reason why you don’t compromise your values. And that stronger reason is the plans and purposes of God for your life. If you understand it and you believe it, you can look at any temporary, fleeting distraction and say ‘How Can I’?
Yours truly,
Son of Jake.

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