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Today I want us to look at one other principle that will ensure that we have a ‘Garden of Eden’ home. That principle states that keep the devil out. In Ephesians 4:27 the Bible admonishes us not to give the devil a foothold. This is because if you give him a foothold, he will have a stronghold. When God put the first couple in the garden, He told them to subdue. To subdue means to keep in check, to hold under your grip. This instruction was needful because there was an enemy.

THE devil has always been an enemy of good homes. He succeeded in entering the first home and brought havoc to it. Before long their children were affected. The home broke down and down through the ages we have seen the negative repercussions of broken homes. But just how do we get the devil out and perpetually out of our homes.

First of all decide to make Christ the centre of your family life. This means Christ should not just be on the fringes. He must not be somebody who remains the silent guest in the home. He must be ‘visible’ to even the children. They must hear about him very often. His Word must be the rule of your house. Your children must see the two of you passionately in love with Christ. There is no other way around it. If you want a family that enjoys the fruit of Christ , like joy, Peace, love, gentleness etc you must make Him the foundation of your marriage and family life. That is the strongest safeguards against the devil entering into the home.

One other way you prevent him from entering is be on the lookout for any signs of his presence in your home. We sometimes think we have kept Satan out but we allow him in through the TV. What movies do you allow in your home. If you wouldn’t go to the brothel to enjoy the services of a prostitute, why do you allow them to enter your home through TV. If you don’t approve of alcoholism why do you welcome Bacchus the demon of drunkenness by allowing TV adverts on alcohol into your home.

The TV is one subtle way the devil enters our house. These days many cartoons are infested with demons of same sex marriage. The devil has seen that most Christian parents don’t really care what their kids watch as long as it is cartoons. We allow the devil to tutor our kids through TV and we get the shock of our lives when they come to us years later and tell us they are gay. The harm was done when you were not vigilant to check what enters your home even through TV. Whilst men slept, the enemy came to sow tares.

If you want the garden of Eden kind of home, you must be diligent to tend your garden and keep it(Gen 2:15)


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