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There are several gates in any human being. These gates are passage ways for a number of things including demons. A gate is a point of access. It is the place for entry and exit. I have identified four gates on every human being. They are i)Eye gate (ii) Ear gate (iii) Mouth gate (iv) reproductive gate.

 These gates are for us to watch and control. Throughout the Bible, God has made it clear that we are responsible for shutting or opening our gates. The first couple opened their mouth gate to allow the forbidden fruit to enter. Likewise, a lot of people have let in one thing or the other through one or more of their gates.

We are solely responsible for what enters us through any of our gates.

1 John 3:3
And everyone who has this hope fixed on Him PURIFIES HIMSELF just as He is pure(NASB).

Notice that he says the one who has the hope will keep himself pure. Lets look at one more scripture that shows that the responsibility is ours.

2 Tim 2:21
If you KEEP YOURSELF PURE, you will be a special utensil for honorable use. Your life will be clean, and you will be ready for the Master to use you for every good work(NLT).

The Bible has a lot to say about the use of our eyes. Our eyes are a blessing. But they can also be a source of great trouble if we don’t control them. Research has shown that more than eighty five percent of the information we receive comes through the eyes. The eyes are wonderful gifts God has given us.

But the problem with the eye is that it was created to see and watch. The seeing is automatic but the watching is our choice. If we can just control the watching, we are half way through the solution to our problems. The eye is never tired of seeing.

Ecclesiastes 1:7-8
The rivers run into the sea, but the sea is never full. Then the water returns again to the rivers and flows again to the sea. Everything is so weary and tiresome! No matter how much we see, we are never satisfied. No matter how much we hear, we are not content.(NLT)

Whatever the eyes see goes through the mind. Some of them pass through one way and exit through the other. Those are things that we don’t find interesting. But there are things which we see, pass through our minds and the mind starts working on them. When the mind works on them, they are sent to the heart. The heart is the last point before action is taken. Once it gets into the heart, it is recorded on our memory chip. Anytime anything similar comes our way, the mind goes to our saved files and brings it out.

The only solution is to shut our eyes. Refuse to watch things which will fuel your sexual desire.
Men are particularly vulnerable with our eyes. We have wild, powerful eyes which were given to us by God. Our eyes affect our minds which also affect our bodies. Scientists have discovered that there seems to be a direct connection between a man’s eyes and his sex organ. We are stimulated by sight and imaginations.

Very few women have an idea what an indecent dressing does to a man. All the great men in the bible who fell into immorality started off by watching.
If you are man and you are wise, you would understand your nature as a man and that is enough to let you know your boundaries. For instance if you know the nature of fire, nobody would have to be monitoring you so that you don’t put them into your chest.

Proverbs 6:27
Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned?(NASB)

Listen guys, the sign of strength is to graciously look away from anything that will stimulate our sexual desires. Don’t be deceived by your so called discipline or strong will. You are not wiser than God. Our eyes affect our hearts.

Lamentation 3:51a
My eyes bring pain to my soul because of all the daughters of my city.(NASB)

I quoted this scripture to let you know that there is connection between our souls and our five senses. The things we see affect the state of our soul. We can also say our eyes torment our soul. You must know yourself. What torments your soul?.

2 Peter 2:8
For by what he saw and heard, that righteous man while living among them, felt his righteous soul tormented day after day with their lawless deeds(NASB)

This passage is about how Lot was tormented and vexed in his soul by all the sinful living of the people of Sodom. What we see and hear can torment or affect our souls. As a general rule, men have their souls tormented sexually by what they see. When you don’t discipline your eyes not to watch filthy things or not to feast on women’s bodies, you will likely fall into sexual sin. Listen to Jesus’ straight talk to men in general.

Matthew 5:27-30
But I say to you, that everyone who looks on a woman to lust for her has committed adultery with her already in his heart. And if your right eye makes you stumble, tear it out, and throw it from you; for it is better for you that one of the parts of your body perish, than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. And if your right hand makes you stumble, cut it off, and throw it from you; for it is better for you that one of the parts of your body perish, than for your whole body to go into hell(NASB).

We must act radically if we are to overcome sexual temptation. Gouging out your eyes or cutting off your hands means doing something radical to prevent temptation. Make a covenant with your eyes that
i) You will not look at nude or semi nude pictures of women
ii) You will not fix your eyes on women for long

That is what Job did.

Job 31:1
I made a covenant with my eyes not to look with lust at a young woman(NLT).

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