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John 13:3
Jesus, knowing that the
Father had given all things into His hands, and that He had come from God and
was going to God, rose from supper and LAID ASIDE His garments, took a towel
and girded Himself (NKJV)
Philippians 2:7
…. but made Himself of NO REPUTATION, taking the form of a
bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men. (NKJV)
Our Lord Christ is perfect theology. He is also the
perfect example of every good thing including ministry. The true definition of
ministry is what Jesus did. In fact, the word ministry actually means service.
A minister is a servant. Many a time, we get wrong pictures of who a minister
is by observing another minister. Only Jesus can give us a perfect picture.
Today a minister is like a CEO, a Chief or a Political
figure. But that is a wrong picture. We have been called to be servants who
lead not leaders who serve.
But before we can effectively serve, we must lay aside our
garments. Garments can refer to things that we have that gives us a special
identity. We can talk of status, riches, fame, anointing, titles, royalty, age,
experience, wisdom etc.
We should lay them aside if we are to minister as God
wants us to. Laying them aside does not mean discarding them. It means not
clinging so tightly to them to the extent that we become sad when they are not
recognized. That will affect our ability to serve. One example is titles.
Titles are not bad. But a crave for titles is only an indication of an inner
bankruptcy. If people fail to address you by your title, will you be offended?
Perhaps one sign of security and maturity is the ability
to lay aside your garments so that you can serve people. Jesus made Himself of
NO reputation. Today we fight for recognition, significance and importance. We
desire to be pampered like CEOs. We crave appellation like chiefs and desire
special mention like politicians.
Man of God, lay aside the garment. If we don’t strip the
garments ourselves, God will be forced to do it. We stripping is called
humility, God doing it is called humiliation. The choice is ours.
Having said all that, we must also understand that though
we have been called to be servants of people, ‘people’ IS NOT our master. Christ

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