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In life, there are about four seasons every person will go through. They are i) Season of Learning (ii)Season of discovery (iii) Season of contribution (iv) season of Harvest. These seasons are chronological. In other words, they are according to your physical age.

SEASON OF LEARNING: This is the period when you are a child and you learn from your environment. You become a product of your environment.

SEASON OF DISCOVERY: This is the season of your life where you are going through preparation for adult life. You reach adolescence and you try to discover things for yourself. This is when you form most of your opinions about life.

SEASON OF CONTRIBUTION: This is when you start working and giving back to society what you took from them. It is a time you marry and start giving birth. It is a time for giving.

SEASON OF HARVEST: This is the period when you retire from active contribution and start reaping the benefits of your labour. This is the season where the seed you have sown will feed you.
NOTE: The Bible’s definition of youth is usually those in the discovery and contribution season.

i) It is the most exciting part of one’s life
ii) It is the most dangerous part of one’s life. This is because most of the decisions you make during this time can affect your life forever and yet this is the time we are not really mature. That is why every youth needs a GUIDE.
iii) It is the part that both God and satan like very much. This is because people are the most serviceable at that stage.

1) STRENGTH: Strength is always associated with the youth. That is why they constitute the labour force in every economy. They are strong. Prov 20:29, IS 40:30
2) DESIRE: This is one of the many gifts of youthfulness. Desire is passion or love for adventure. If you are no longer fascinated by new things it means you are old. Eccle 11:1-5
3) HOPE: Youthfulness comes with hope. We know that there is still more time ahead of us. The Bible even says the young men will see vision. Old men will dream dreams. Visions usually mean looking ahead. Dreams also mean that you are looking back and reflecting on the past.
4) AVAILABILITY: young people have a lot of time. They are usually available. This is the time you can do most of the things you need to do. That is why usually they are the ones who are recruited into evil activities. The devil finds work for the idle.

LACK OF UNDERSTANDING: Because the glory of young men is their strength, they delight showing their physical exploits. Very few of them seek knowledge and understanding. (Prov 7:7, Prov 1:4)
DESIRE- UNCONTROLLED PASSION: Because of the blessing of desire, young people often suffer from uncontrolled desires. Prominent among them is sexual desire and the desire for pleasure. These are the two areas where they are tempted the most.
i) INSTANT GRATIFICATION: If you will excel as a youth, you need to learn to delay gratification. Young people want things that will give them pleasure and they want it NOW! Take a look at some examples in the Bible:
a) THE PRODIGAL SON- I want my portion NOW! (Luke 15:12)
b) SAMSON- I want a wife NOW!(Judges 14:1-3)
c) AMNON- I want sex NOW!(2Sam 13:11)
d) SECHEM-I want Sex NOW!(Gen 34:20
e) ESSAU- I want food NOW!(Gen 25:29)

WEAKNESS #3: INEXPERIENCE: young People think they know but in fact they don’t know much. Especially about life. They are inexperienced. Look at some examples in the Bible 1 Chronicles 29:1, Judges 8:20
Despite their inexperience, another weakness is that they look to their peers for answers to their problems. Forgetting that their peers are often as confused as they are. An example in the Bible is Rehoboam (2 Chr 10:8-14)

WEAKNESS # 4: ADVENTURISM: Because they are mostly strong and available, they are usually adventurous. They like to experiment and explore. An example of a young adventurous person was Eutychus (Acts 20:9-10) who sat in the window on a storey building when Paul was preaching. Why would anyone want to sit in the window? Adventure! Well, he fell from that height and died.

Every youth must have a guide for the season of discovery Prov 2:17, Jer 3:4
I) YOUR CREATOR- Eccle 12:1
i) The WORD OF GOD- PS119:11-
ii) PARENTS: Prov 4:1-2, Prov 29:1, Eph 6:1, Heb 12:9
iii) Every Good example is our guide. Get Godly role models.

God permits us to get godly people like us who can encourage us in our Christian walk. These are people who are also following Him.
i) We should follow them as they follow Christ(1Cor 11:1)
ii) We should follow their faith(Heb 13:7)
iii) We should follow their good examples(Heb 6:12, Phil 3:17))
iv) We should follow that which is not evil(3rd John vrs 11)

Other people’s bad experience: We must learn from people’s mistakes and avoid them. Experience is not the best teacher. Wisdom is the best teacher. Experience is learning from your own mistakes. The harm has already been done. But wisdom is higher, you see somebody’s end and avoid his route.

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