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Last week we started looking at the three laws of sexuality and we touched on the Law of attraction. Today we are looking at the Law of Appetite.

This law implies that there are all kinds of appetites in the human being but they are activated (made active) by an external stimulus. For instance, a child’s appetite for sweets is already built into him. But that appetite is made active when he starts eating sweets. If he is never given sweets, the appetite will be there but inactive.

There are all forms of appetites in the human being. These include physical appetite for food, spiritual appetite for God, emotional appetite for love and affection, social appetite for recognition and the sexual appetite. What runs through all these kinds of appetites is that, they are inactive unless an external stimulus activates it.

A stimulus is anything that is applied to an object to generate a response. For example, if you put your hand into fire, you will immediately remove your hand. The fire is the stimulus and the removal of your hand is the response. In the context of the lesson, anything that will draw your attention to pre-marital sex is a stimulus.

In this modern world, the sexual stimuli are many. Everywhere you turn, there are sexual stimuli portraying illicit sex as very smart and acceptable. Television programs no longer uphold values such as virginity and chastity. Soap operas send the message that you can do it so long as you are not caught.

Many magazines are filled with erotic pictures of half-naked or fully naked women. The media, both print and electronic, have been used by the devil to create an atmosphere of carefree living. Some songs have very lustful lyrics. Listening to them leaves you with a deep arousal of sexual desire. To make matters worse is the recent upsurge of internet pornography and indecent text messages on the cell phones.

Everywhere you turn these days, there is an invisible, subtle pressure to live carelessly and loosely. To make it worse for teens and young people is the issue of peer pressure. The results is that, chastity and purity are no longer respected. They have become foreign to the children of this generation.
Those who decide to abstain are portrayed as not being so smart. They are ridiculed and pressurized into having illicit sex. In effect, there are a lot of external sexual stimuli. You don’t need to go looking for them, they will find you. They will stimulate the desires already in you and pressurize you to satisfy them in unlawful ways.

One unique gift of humans is that, between the stimulus and the response, we have the ability to choose what our response will be. We are able to do so because of other gifts God has given us. They are: imagination, conscience, and will power.

Before anybody can engage in sex, there must be an external stimulus. The external stimulus stirs up the sexual appetite (desire) of the person. Now, the person has the power to choose the final result. That is, he can decide to stop the whole process and he also has the power to continue.

The story of sheep and dog which I shared last week, brings out two different kinds of people the bible talks about. The prudent and the simple.

Proverbs 22:3
A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. (NLT)

The prudent sees evil coming. He sees or hears the external stimulus and he avoids. Even if he doesn’t see it and it arouses his desire, he makes use of his conscience and will power and stops it.

For the prudent, the progression will be like this:
External stimulus- desire- conscience- will- Action(stop)

The simple on the other hand doesn’t see evil coming. His conscience is not purged, his will power is weak. For the simple it looks like this:
External Stimulus- Desire- Action (Sex)

When the external stimuli are not avoided, it arouses your desire or appetite for sex. A lot of reaction takes place in the body when that desire is aroused. If you sense that, you must act fast.

Romans 13:14
But let the Lord Jesus take control of you, and don’t think of ways to indulge your evil desires. (NLT)

This desires or cravings of our bodies should and can be controlled. If they are not checked, they will over power us and make us sin. Pre-marital sex or extra marital sex is never an accident. Neither is it an emergency. If we take a stand and decide not to defile ourselves, God will give us grace to overcome all manner of temptations.

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