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Once upon a time, Dog and sheep were very good friends. They were both very good Christians and went about preaching. One day whilst going on their usual preaching trek, they came to a village and decided to check into a hotel for the night. Dog was taken to a place which looked like a kitchen. There was a roasted meat on the stove. Sheep was also taken to a place which looked like a pen. As soon as he entered, he saw grass that had been well cut and washed, hanging loosely from the ceiling. Sheep immediately resolved not to sleep in that room. He then went to dog. ‘I am not going to sleep in that room tonight’ said sheep. ‘Why not? Queried dog. Sheep told dog that he could sense a temptation so they should go out and sleep on the streets. Dog said ‘as for me, I don’t have a problem with somebody’s roasted meat’. After much persuasion, dog said ‘ ah, sheep, you are thinking evil for me, I only want a place that is warm and that is why I want to sleep in the kitchen’. It so happened that sheep could not convince dog so he went to sleep on the streets.

At midnight, while dog was asleep, the wind blew and the aroma of the roasted meat wafted into his nostrils. His desire was immediately aroused. As the wind kept on blowing, a small piece of the meat fell down. Dog saw it and went to pick, with the intention of putting it back. Good intention! A thought struck him ‘what is wrong with eating this small piece? After all, I didn’t break it off’. So dog took a little bite. Before he realized he was cracking bones. The following morning he was found dead in his room. The meat had poison in it. Ah, sweet poison.

This story is going to be used to answer the question; How far is too far? A lot of young people want to know how far they can go with the opposite sex. We have already established the fact that the attraction between male and female was put there by God. However the fact that it is natural does not mean that there are no boundaries. We have seen that the main boundary God created around sex was the marriage covenant.

There are three very important laws governing the relationship between males and females. If you know these three laws, you would be guided in your relationship with the opposite sex. When I say law here, I don’t mean a statement beginning with thou shalt not. Law here simply implies a principle.

What is a principle?  A principle is a fact which is universal, timeless and self-evident.

Universal means that it is true everywhere. No matter which part of the earth you are on, it works.

Timeless means that it applies to every generation. Time cannot change it. It is true, irrespective of the growth of civilization.

Self-evident means that it doesn’t need any proof to be true. A clear example of a principle is the law of gravity. It is true everywhere, in every generation and doesn’t need any proof to be true.

The three laws of sexuality are also universal, timeless and self-evident. They cut across race, colour, ethnic background, cultures, beliefs and creed.
The three laws are:
i) The law of attraction
ii) The law of appetite
iii) The law of insatiability


The law of attraction implies that there is a natural desire for the company of the opposite sex which is only limited by the principles God established around sex.

From the story of sheep and dog, we see the law of attraction at work. There is a natural affinity between dog and roasted meat. The meat stirred up something in dog. Such is the attraction between males and females. Anytime the two come together, something is stirred up within them. As we have already seen, this attraction is perfectly normal. In fact people who don’t have any desire at all for the opposite sex are deemed to be sick. Except for those who have the gift of celibacy.

In the story of sheep and dog, despite the fact that there was a natural attraction between dog and meat, it was considered illegal for dog to have taken the meat without seeking proper permission. The same thing applies to the attraction between males and females.

Despite the fact that there is a natural attraction between the two sexes, it is a sin against God to have sex with somebody who is not legally married to you. This means that God expects us to control the attraction between males and females.

We shall continue next week with the other laws of sexuality.

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