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Hello All,

My name is Amnon. I was a son of the great king David. Remember me? Check out my story in the bible(2 Kings 13:1-). Perhaps most of you guys think I was the worst criminal who ever lived. I must say what I did was really bad. But don’t blame me too much. If you were in my situation and you didn’t put certain measures in place, you would likely do the same thing. From my story in the bible let me share with you guys some wisdom.

First of all, I didn’t have the slightest love for Tamar. All I had was a great lust for her. Guys, beware of the difference. Genuine love will not make you grow lean. It was sex I wanted. Off course, I had been watching her for a long time. Her physical features and beauty attracted me
Know for sure that when you begin to have sexual desires and you don’t take radical action to quench or divert it, it will soon grow and over power you. This happened to me.

The second thing you must be careful of is friends. Mind who you seek advice from. My cousin Jonadab was actually a womanizer. He had all the tricks. His peers ‘respected’ him for his easy ways of winning girls. The bad advice he gave me fuelled my sexual desires till it overpowered me. Bad company, they say, corrupts good character.

Remember there are only two types of friends. Tonic friends and toxic friends. Tonic friends are those who push you to your good dreams and vision in life. Toxic friends are those who pollute you and draw you back. If I had talked to a good friend, he would have warned against habouring that desire. It is a pity how some people who are even close to you can sometimes mislead you.

You know, we guys are moved by our sight. It is called visual stimulus. When my half sister Tamar came into the room and was preparing the food in my presence, I was watching her every move. I feasted my eyes on all her physical parts that excited me. I don’t know what happened next. Perhaps the evil desire overpowered me. The same thing happened to my father David when he saw Bathsheba taking her bath. He first of all saw her by mistake and feasted his eyes on her as she took her bath. The next thing he saw he had sent for her.

You see, you go too far when your emotions are strong on you. The eyes are never full or satisfied. After I had raped her, life suddenly lost meaning to me. Suddenly I hated her intensely. I had got what I thought would satisfy me, but it didn’t give me anything more than hatred, heartache and shame. I was so ashamed. Guys, please avoid this situation. One of the keys to a victorious youth life, I think, is not to forget the little little things. Do not allow yourself to be put in a situation where it would be difficult to overcome temptation.

That pornographic film or material you are watching can fuel your sexual desire. Lust always tries to steal, kill and destroy. I stole her virginity, killed her joy and destroyed her testimony. Oh, Tamar, please forgive me. If I had known these truths about the law of appetite and insatiability, I would have been wiser.

Finally guys, let me you a few tips that will help you in your relationship with the opposite sex.
1) Have a daily time of prayer and bible reading
2) Avoid books, tapes, movies, music, materials, sites on the internet which arouses your sexual desire.
3) Never be with a girl alone in a lonely place. This is very important.
4) Never fix your eyes on the opposite sex for long.
5) Engage in healthy activities like church activities, sports, debate groups, talent building groups etc.
6) Always have a matured person or mentor you trust and share your problems(like strong sexual desire or lust) with him.

God bless you as you put these into practice.

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